People's Republic of China Visa Requirements

The People’s Republic of China Passport & Visa Office
3rd Floor, 500 Shatto Place 

Los Angeles, CA 90020
Office hours: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm 


People’s Republic of China (PRC) Visas are Required

of ALL LAX Reserves (s-CO & s-UA) 
and Lineholders (s-CO only).


Please bring the following items with you to the Chinese consulate:


  • One passport sized photo.       

  • One front and back copy of your crew ID Badge.

  • Completed and Signed PRC visa application Form 

  • Letter on Company Letterhead stating that you are a crew member of United Airlines.

  • One photocopy of the first page of your passport page with your photo included.

  • Oh, don't forget... Your actual Passport!


**** Important *** Please note:  

If you choose to use a visa service to for processing; you must provide a copy of your driver’s license so the consulate can verify that it is truly you who wishes to apply for the visa. 


Your passport must be valid with at least 30 months until expiration along with at least 2 blank pages. 


Residents of Arizona, New Mexico or Hawaii may apply at the Los Angeles Chinese Consulate; however, you must appear in person or use a service to obtain your visa.  Expect a 2, 3 or 4 day service (no same day service) and you or the service you retain will need to pick up the passport in person.  Nevada residents must now use the San Francisco Chinese Consulate unless you have an address in California.  Flight Attendants may use the LAXSW/LAXNF Base address of 6018 Avion Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045.  Please contact the AFA Office if you have any questions about this process: 310-646-7518


If you have a passport issued by another country, please check with your Embassy/Consulate to determine if a visa is required for flights to China.  Visa fees are reimbursable by United, although expedited fees generally are not reimbursable; check Flying Together for additional information about expedited fees. 


The PRC offers visas in 2 year and 5 year validity.  Your ability to obtain the 5 year visa is based on the expiration date of your passport, you must have 5 ½ years of validity in your passport for the 5 year visa.  If you are able to obtain a 5 year visa, please do so. The extended visa is offered at no additional charge.  United will reimburse any active LAXSW based Flight Attendant’s Visa fees regardless of lineholder or reserve status.


PRC Visa Information can be found on Flying Together / Inflight Services / Policies and Procedures / International / Flight Attendant Visa Process.