Scheduling Committee

This committee page is under construction.  As we move to common metal, we are working to update information to reflect the new JCBA provisions.

The Scheduling Committee is responsible for the construction of the lines of flying each month. Members of this committee build domestic, international and reserve lines after receiving trip Pairings for the upcoming month.  

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[pmCO Info]



Sharlene Kirk* (808) 372-0909
Marina Bins  (832) 607-1531

Susanne Bobish (414) 350-0336

Melanie Gonzales (310) 740-2701

Greg Jacobs (661) 304-0736
Ludmila Parev-Connole (714) 955-3255

Kathryn Satow  (310) 993-2707
Rajneeta Smith (206) 354-9045
Teri Tillman (310) 467-6426

Mindy Thai (626) 416-8008
James Thrombley (713) 344-3981





As provided in Section 12.B of the JCBA, vacation pay will be 3:15 per vacation day prorated for any partial day. 


Reserves are paid 3:15 hours per vacation day, prorated for any partial day. Reserves awarded a full month Reserve schedule and who have vacation are protected by the language in the Contract and will be paid the Reserve minimum guarantee of  83 hours (pmCO) / 78 hours (pmUA).